Entscheidungsnavi v7.3


Entscheidungsnavi v7.3

With version 7.3, we offer extended analysis options for uncertainties as well as a significantly improved variant of the design parameters. In addition, the Entscheidungsnavi can now also be installed on iPads and iPhones.

For the analysis of uncertainties, users can create risk profiles in the consequences table and compare them with the risk profiles of other alternatives. In addition, there is a new system-side influence factor called worst-best distribution. This influence factor is suitable for modeling general uncertainties without having to specify concrete states and probabilities itself, as was the case with the previous influence factors. If an indicator scale is used, the worst-best distribution also enables a tornado diagram to be displayed. The influence of the different indicators on the respective target result is shown in an illustrative way.

The control lever method, as a sub-step of the alternative generation, has been fundamentally revised and now allows the definition of any number of design parameters. The manifestation levels are transparently assigned to the individual alternatives, so that users have a better overview of whether the entire alternative space has been considered and which manifestation levels have not yet been considered in any alternative.

The Entscheidungsnavi can now also be installed on the iPad and iPhone as a Portable Web App (PWA) and can thus be used offline and in full-screen mode. To do this, users must add the page to their home screen via the "Share" button in the browser. After that, the Entscheidungsnavi appears as a tile on the home screen like any other app.