Research Topics

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At the core of our research activities there is always something in conjunction with people's decision-making behaviour. This naturally opens up a wide range of applications, since decisions can be found in almost all situations and contexts of life.

Now that there are many and well-founded findings on behavioural weaknesses and biases in human decision-making behaviour, we have set ourselves the goal of working on instruments and tools that offer concrete assistance to decision-makers and lead to better decisions. It is in this context that the tool Entscheidungsnavi and the initiative were created, in which various approaches in this direction are being worked on. For further information, please refer to the homepage of the initiative.

Due to the parallel orientation of our teaching and research area towards the financial services sector, we also work in research fields that deal with the display and consideration of investor preferences. In particular, we focus on the question of how non-monetary preferences of private investors can be taken into account in portfolio optimization models and how the financial industry can react adequately to such customer preferences.