Research Topics

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At the core, our research activities always have something to do with people's decision-making behavior. This naturally gives rise to a wide range of applications, because decisions are found in almost all situations and contexts in life.

Since there are now many well-established findings on the behavioral weaknesses and biases in human decision-making behavior, we have set ourselves the goal of working on instruments and tools that offer concrete support to decision-makers and help them to make more reflective decisions. In this context, the webtool Entscheidungsnavi was developed at our institute, which can be used both for training decision competence and for solving concrete decision questions. The Entscheidungsnavi is constantly being further developed at our institute by a team of computer science students.

The freely accessible tool is not only used in different teaching formats, but also in a very broad field of practical applications, e.g. private and medical decision questions, in the formation of political opinions as well as in all entrepreneurial decision problems. Findings from related applications provide us with valuable input for the targeted further development of the tool. Further information can be found at and on the homepage of the sponsoring association