Refinitiv Workspace


Thomson Reuters Workspace and Eikon are comprehensive and intuitive services that provide financial information on commodities, stocks, fixed income securites and hedge funds, foreign exchange and money markets and wealth management. Workspace/Eikon provides crucial market data, charts, time series analyses, global indices of individual stocks and streaming news from Reuters and other financial institutions and market research firms for price analysis.

An important part of Workspace/Eikon is the former, separately used Thomson Reuters Datastream. It provides access to time series of more than 15 million financial instruments, securities and indices as well as a history of this data of up to 60 years. In particular, these time series can be processed directly with Excel.

Datastream provides extensive raw data for further analysis. In contrast, Eikon is a very comprehensive working environment with many and complex analysis and evaluation options, especially with regard to charts. In addition, market data and current news can be retrieved in real time.

Instructions for using Workspace/Eikon can be found at the bottom of this page in the Downloads section.

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You can download Workspace here.

You can download EIKON here.