Entscheidungsnavi v6.3


Entscheidungsnavi v6.3

Our first release this year brings with it a whole host of new features designed to improve the user experience and provide additional functionality.

The Load Project section now includes the ability to share a project. Clicking the share button allows you to create a share link. Using this link, third parties can always access the current version of the shared project. Of course, sharing can also be stopped again in this way.

To better guide users through the decision navigator, we have now added a short explanation to each (sub-)step. In two to three lines it is briefly explained what has to be done in a step and how the functions are to be used or which points should be taken into consideration

For users of indicator scales we have a big innovation. Since this release it is possible to describe the levels of indicator scales. To help users with this difficult task, we also have a function that calculates exemplary different combinations of the individual indicators for a value of the indicator. This allows you to quickly get an overview of what is representative for a proficiency level.

When entering the objective weights, we now have a new visualization for entering the trade-offs. This allows an easier comparison of the alternatives, as the descriptions of the individual values are displayed during the trade-off - also for the newly introduced descriptions of the indicator scales.
The objective hierarchy is now even easier to use with the mouse. When you are on a node, you are shown "+" buttons on all four sides, allowing you to add a new node in the corresponding direction. A reach to the keyboard or toolbar thus contains.

Our Navi Assistant has gotten a little smarter and now remembers whether it was collapsed or expanded and retains this state when you return to the page. This new default setting can also be adjusted via the gear in the menu bar to restore the old behavior.

The robustness test in the Evaluation step can now only be entered if the project contains at least one precision level. This way we ensure that inexperienced users know directly which analysis methods are suitable for their project.
We have standardized the font sizes at all points in the Entscheidungsnavi. This way, we make it easier for users to adjust the appropriate font size via the browser's own zoom function, so that the Entscheidungsnavi can now be used more easily on smaller screens.

To ensure you don't accidentally lose access to your account, we now have an improved process for confirming your email address. When logging in, you will now be prompted to confirm your email address so that if you forget your password, you can request a new password to the correct email address.
In addition, this release also offers various bug fixes as well as performance improvements and includes preparatory changes for more great features we plan to ship later this year.