Almost 100.000 Analyses with the Parteiencheck


The Bundestag elections are over, and the Navi Parteiencheck is now out of use for the time being. We are pleased to report that 98,470 users compared their own objective weights with those of the parties. Most of the interested parties came via the RTL website, which had kindly advertised the Navi party check. But a considerable proportion also became aware of the tool via our Entscheidungsnavi website. Overall, the objective of fairness in performance was named as the most important objective on average. The objective of international responsibility was rated the least important. For the three other fundamental objectives of equal opportunities, self-determination, and environmental protection and nature conservation, the preferences expressed depended on the target group. RTL users, for example, rated the importance of environmental protection and nature conservation lower than the group who had come via our website. Once again, we would like to thank the six students from our Decision Theory in Politics course who put a lot of work into determining the objective weights. Alexander Windges co-supervised the whole project and will also look more closely at the data in his master's thesis and work out suggestions for a new version. For those interested in having the concept of the party check explained again, there is a short description below.