Entscheidungsnavi v6.0


Entscheidungsnavi v6.0

The new version 6.0 of the Entscheidungsnavi represents one of the largest updates of the tool since its release. An important change is the combination of the former individual steps utility functions, weights of objectives and evaluation in a combined step result. The procedure now also corresponds exactly to the five steps as presented in the book " Reflektiert Entscheiden" (Reflective Decision Making).

Another major innovation is the Navi Assistant that has now been introduced. This combines the information from "What is this step for?", the instructions at the beginning of a step, further assistance and the explanatory videos in a joint interface. Fixed on the right side or floating in the window, the assistant is always at your side and can be called up or hidden with a simple click in the upper right corner if you need more space.

All this is accompanied by various functional and speed improvements as well as a new, more modern design and numerous mobile device enhancements. This means you can now work on your decision project better on your phone or tablet.

Lastly, we replaced the former decision navi home page with a new one, where we now provide you with all the information you need in a bundled and graphical format. You can now reach the Entscheidungsnavi directly via the domain tool.entscheidungsnavi.com or the button "start Tool" at the top right of the homepage.