Entscheidungsnavi v7.4


Entscheidungsnavi v7.4

With version 7.4, we have put a strong focus on improving the overall user experience to better drive more users to make more reflective decisions. Additionally, we are introducing even more new functionality with an enhancement to sensitivity analysis.

The most noticeable change is the renaming of our three variants of the decision navigator to Starter, Educational and Professional. Because the old terms Simple, Guided and Unguided offered the user too little support in choosing the right variant, we have introduced a naming scheme that clearly communicates for which use case each variant provides optimal support.

In one of our most extensive customizations ever, we redesigned the decision navigator's assistance function from the ground up. Instead of all-encompassing, page-long help texts, we now offer users more structured help that differentiates between basic and advanced functions, tips & tricks, and background knowledge. This allows quick access to relevant content without sacrificing important information for more interested users. At the same time, we are able to provide significantly more assistance with important points in the decision-making process and take into account the increased functionality of the decision navigator.

To make the decision navigator easier and more intuitive to use, we have adapted the concept of the navigation bar in the educational version. This way, we achieve a comprehensible and simple navigation and also enable an appropriate display of all functions on smaller screens and mobile devices. This is rounded off by slimming down the vertical spacing and optimizing many of the displays. For example, the Entscheidungsnavi now looks much better on smaller screens and allows more relevant content to be seen.

We are also moving with the times and have changed the tool from “Sie" to “Du" in all variants. This means that users now also have a consistent experience when being redirected from our landing page, where we had already taken this step some time ago.

Functionally, we have extended the Entscheidungsnavi in the area of sensitivity analysis. Here it is now also possible to vary the assessments of the individual impact forecasts in order to be able to directly address possible objections or questions during a discussion and to gain an even better understanding of the decision project.