Entscheidungsnavi v7.0


Entscheidungsnavi v7.0

We are pleased to introduce a number of new valuable functionalities and an optimized design with the new release 7.0.

The new "Unguided" mode

In addition to the previous "Guided" mode with many obligatory steps, the new version offers another mode, which is especially designed for experienced users. It offers all the necessary functions from the Guided mode, but you can decide for yourself how you want to proceed via a toolbar in the header. You can switch back and forth between Guided and Unguided without losing any data.

Reflection of decision quality

We have now integrated the "Decision Quality" concept, which is well known in management consulting practice, into the Navi (more information). This is accompanied by the possibility to evaluate the quality of the performed decision reflection in all steps. For this purpose, one is supported in one's assessment by a series of questions. In a final review, it is easy to see where it is worthwhile to make improvements in order to further increase the overall quality of the decision.

Filter function in all sub-steps

Many users told us that they had difficulties understanding the logic we had chosen when making subsequent changes in the guided substeps of a main step. We have therefore implemented a fundamentally different logic in which it is now much easier to make subsequent changes after all steps have been run through. This was implemented by a filter function, with which at the same time it is also possible to trace back what was entered in the individual sub-steps.

Further functions

In addition to these three major changes, there are many smaller, useful functional enhancements. For example, the relevant section of the objective hierarchy can be accessed directly in the documentation of the objectives and in the definition of an indicator scale, the dominance check has been extended by a check for stochastic dominance, there is a new project overview with editable parameters, and so on.

Design changes

There is a new start page for the tool, which can also be accessed directly via www.enavi.app. The header has been slimmed down, permanently shows which project you are in and now also contains all important information and functionalities for the current project. The navigation on the left side can now be collapsed and expanded, but retains its full functionality even in the reduced version. In addition, the decision statement is now permanently displayed in the navigation bar, so that you never lose track of what you are actually trying to decide. Overall, the Entscheidungsnavi is now easier to use on smaller screens, especially tablets. Objectives and alternatives now come in their own colors, and these colors are used throughout all steps with the intended recognition effect. In addition, the view for alternatives and the list view for objectives have been graphically optimized, input fields have been redesigned, and view settings are now retained across a step change, so that everything should look the same when re-entering sub-steps.

What's next?

We hope to come out with a new version 7.1 pretty soon, which will include team functionalities, i.e. projects can also be edited in a group. And that won't be the only enhancement.